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What is Serial Number ?

Serial Number is a collabortive website which allows you to stock serial numbers online

What is its purpose ?

There are two main purposes : the website allows you to stock your serial numbers online to keep a virtual trace of it. Furthermore you can contact people which object has been lost or stolen.

How do I subscribe ?

Subscribing is very easy. After getting to this page you will be asked to insert your personnal data into the form. To complete the subscription you must add a serial number.

How to login ?

Click on the login button to show the login form. Add your username plus password then click "login"

How can I add serial numbers ?

After loging in you can access the "managing serial numbers" area. In this page you will be able to add a serial number.

What to do in case of a lost/stolen object ?

If your object is stolen or lost you have the possibility to mention it. Go to your "managing serial numbers" area then change the serial number status to stolen or lost

How to contact the owner of an object that has been found ?

You can directly contact him via the message area of your account